Supernova Group LLC is a technology analysis and consulting firm founded by Kevin Werbach. Werbach is an Assistant Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at The Wharton School, and formerly served as Counsel for New Technology Policy at the Federal Communications Commission and Editor of Release 1.0: Esther Dyson's Monthly Report.

We advise leading technology and telecommunications firms on the strategic implications of emerging technologies, engage in policy advocacy, and organize the annual Supernova conference for high-tech thought leaders.

Please visit the Supernova conference website for additional information and registration materials for the event.

Supernova Group LLC operates at the intersection of technology, business, and public policy. Our area of expertise include communications technologies such as voice over Internet Protocol and unlicensed wireless systems, connected digital media, web services, weblog and syndication tools, and distributed collaboration mechanisms.

We encourage you to visit Werblog or follow Kevin on Twitter for commentary on key emerging technology issues.

Contact information:

Supernova Group LLC
230 N Narberth Ave.
Narberth, PA 19072
(877) 803-7101